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Lives: Wellington
Māori desce
nt:  Ngai Te Rangi, Ngai Takoto, Ngati Maru,
Ngati Haua Ko Te Moutere O Matakana Te Haukainga

Artworks based on mātauranga Māori - using colour and vibrancy


"By giving names and faces to the elements around us, our tūpuna established familial connections between us and the environment. When we acknowledge the whakapapa that connects us… we also acknowledge our responsibility to treat them with the highest respect."

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About Louis

Louis Mikaere's art is a unique blend of traditional Māori motifs and graffiti. He often uses paint and color on canvas, but he also creates works using ballpoint pen and digital media. His work is often highly detailed and realistic, and it often makes connections to the urban environment he grew up in. However, his concepts are always grounded in kōrero and mātauranga Māori.

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